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Welcome to the website for "The Cotton Candy Road Trip". I invite you to take a stroll around and learn about why I took on this project: visiting 40 forty-year old (and older) vintage amusement parks in the contiguous 48 states.
But the book's about more than that - a lot more. During the two+ years on (and off) the Road Trip, I learned a lot about how spirit weaves in and out of your life's journey, how tough times call for a little spun sugar, and how angels seem to show up when you need them most (and sometimes in line for the nearest rollercoaster).
Intrigued? Well, I hope so. Vintage parks are not only a part of our country's history for over a century, but they carry on into the 21st century as magical places that potentially hold the essence of fun and pleasure in every merry-go-round hopped upon, every ice cream cone savored, every cotton candy carefully peeled away from its cardboard core and allowed to slowly dissolve on our tongues.Don't forget to click the Blog button to the left. It'll send you straight to all the latest updates, thoughts, and tasty treats that I've discovered on my journey.
You only need one ticket to hop on, so take one of mine and let's go!

You can also visit my professional voice-over website at www.pamturlow.comAny questions, please contact me at Pamagogogo@aol.com
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